The 1920 Corona Typewriter

This 1910 Smith Corona, one of the early typewriters, belonged to a young man about to embark on a trip from France to the United States. John MacKay who later became an actor in film and on Broadway, started recording his many adventures from leaving his beloved home of France, and returning years later where he enjoyed many evenings listening to jazz in dark, Parisian clubs. He typed out his life story, how it felt to work with his hands on a farm and then fall in love with the theater. He typed about the many parts he acted, the men he played cards with, and his days acting in New York and California. He recorded his love affair with Mary, who he acted with and eventually married. This Corona was sitting in Mary’s barn, collecting cobwebs and dust. It now has become a fabulous piece of artwork, gracing a lovely home of a book editor.

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